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Prince of Royal Blood

Prince`s mother passed away at his birth and his father didn`t have much time for him, which greatly affected the prince. The prince was brought up by the best teachers that lived in the castle, and that also greatly influenced him. He grew up into an introvert who was too embarrassed to face girls and most other people as well. The relationship with his father wasn`t good and so he spent most of his time in the library. No wonder his stepmother stole his throne.

He likes: himself, books, garden architecture, corpses of his enemies lying on the ground
He dislikes: women in general, mostly his stepmother, and physical pleasures
His strengths: resilience to lechery, intelligence
His weak points: emotional intelligence

Queen Regent

A former sorceress and currently the queen, voluptuous and ambitious, she came from somewhere unknown and was brought to the royal court by duke De Giss. She immediately captivated everyone with her beauty and intelligence, seduced the king, gave him more children and robbed the king`s first-born of the throne. No wonder with her skills.

She loves: herself, dresses, luxury
She hates: when someone bosses her around
Her strengths: charm, intelligence, beauty, ambition
Her weak points: if she has any, she`s very skilled in hiding them