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Short reviews have been written by players who reached level 20:

"The game has a great story and from higher levels is even more interesting. After accomplishing particular levels there are hilarious comments. I am curious to see what comes next."

Tranicus - Wizard

"Great game~!! surely one of the top web games~! Well balanced, full of original and wonderful story. I don't feel some kind a missing one without a few bugs. "

goodgame - Wizard

"This game is AMAZING! Its got quest, adventures, battles and a hilarious story! Wonderful!"

Crisandrei - Wizard

"Niborea is alot of fun! It is a great game to play if you don't have alot of time to dedicate to one sitting. A few minutes here and there and I have been playing for months now!"

Maduin - Wizard


Niborea contains these basic parts:
  • a long high-quality story, which can also be played as a single-player game
  • a number of original funny characters and dialogues
  • significant RPG elements, represented by your hero, who can fight NPC`s and other players. The hero substitutes recruitment of armies. The hero can also choose a profession, such as Warrior, Wizard, Spy and Landlord, and progressively choose and upgrade dozens of abilities.
  • building up a city that no player can destroy. This means that new or less active players won`t be discouraged from playing the game.
  • a system of different types of continents
  • the game is for free

Let us introduce you to a new free-to-play browser game Niborea, a fantasy world conceived in a somewhat untraditional way. You will follow an unhappy Prince, whose throne was taken away by his Stepmother and who was banished to a remote backwater town. This time it is personal: you won`t be saving the world or fighting for peace or the greater good, but for the thing that rightfully belongs to you.
Niborea differs from other browser-based strategy games in many aspects and many improvements have been added to the game, such as the strong presence of RPG elements represented by the Hero, who can advance up to the 120th level. The Hero has dozens of abilities and magical objects at his disposal. The player can choose 4 professions for the hero (Warrior, Wizard, Spy and Landlord) and the hero will fight on quests against enemies of all races that cast all sorts of unique combinations of spells at him.
In contrast to most other browser-games, Niborea contains an elaborate humorous story and a full single-player campaign, that ensures hundreds of hours of fun. If a player wishes, he doesn`t have to fight his opponents at all. He can chose to go on a peace continent where he is protected from attacks and invasions of others and can still finish the story.
If a player wishes to fight, the only thing he needs to do is to move to a war continent, where he is not protected against spells and espionage and where the players can enjoy harming each other. A player can also join alliances and fight to conquer the continent. From time to time, it is possible to break through the magic protection of the enemy, using a covert action, and shower them with spells. Sometimes players manage to weaken the enemy`s secret service and then they undertake a mission to steal or destroy gold and resources. After such a mission, they will leave the enemy`s kingdom and the citizens humiliated. Once a complete victory is achieved, players can join another continent and repeat the fight again.
In other games, players` fun can be ruined if their base, that they carefully built up, gets destroyed. This can never happen in Niborea, as no player can be completely destroyed here.
The game consists of two parts, a management part, where the player builds up his town and its surroundings, and a story part, where the hero fights hordes of enemies and gains extra resources. The game is very flexible, because both active and occasional players were taken into consideration during the development of the game.
in Niborea it is highly advisable to cooperate with other players and the skills of all of the professions should be combined in large alliance battles. The competition can`t be won with brute force alone, but with a clever combination of different spells and abilities. Those spells and abilities complement each other and the result of a successful coordination is a unique multiplayer experience.
The game can be played completely for free, however, there are many advantages for premium (paying) players. The game offers advantages to premium players, but there are no disadvantages for non-premium players.
Experienced players can help the newcomers to get their heads around the game. A new player can choose a patron, whose best interest is to help his vassal. Therefore patrons are always there and will gladly help with a problem.
Niborea has been in beta testing for a year now, and therefore is pretty flawless. However, we keep improving it and currently it is in pre-release state, just before being finished. The authors guarantee that it is already better than any other game in this category. If you don`t believe them, try to play it yourself :)