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Short reviews have been written by players who reached level 20:

"Great game~!! surely one of the top web games~! Well balanced, full of original and wonderful story. I don't feel some kind a missing one without a few bugs. "

goodgame - Wizard

"This game is AMAZING! Its got quest, adventures, battles and a hilarious story! Wonderful!"

Crisandrei - Wizard

"Niborea is alot of fun! It is a great game to play if you don't have alot of time to dedicate to one sitting. A few minutes here and there and I have been playing for months now!"

Maduin - Wizard

"The game is fun, the dialogues are funny and the alliance quests are quite challenging. I hope much more people will join the game and that the number of players per continent will increase soon."

OsirisX - Spy

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This form is primarily used to report errors and problems that require administrator`s attention. Please do not contact us with anything you can solve by in-game functions or communication with other players.

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