Free online strategic RPG game
Beta v1.0
EN server 1
Terms and conditions of the game
January 10, 2010
This document provides the game terms and conditions in substantial detail.
Those terms that are not stipulated in this document are subject to regional law of the particular player`s country and must be abided both by the game owners/administrators and the player.
As the game is currently running in a beta test, terms are minimal and defined as follows:

1. The owner/administrator of the game Niborea isn`t responsible for any direct or indirect implications that may result from playing this game.
2. Players are aware of the fact that this game may contain errors and that those must be reported to the game administrator immediately upon being found. Players shouldn`t use such errors to their own advantage.
3. Players shall respect other participants in the game and will not use inappropriate or offensive language.
4. Multiple accounts are neither prohibited nor supported.
5. Players sharing a particular continent may come up with their own set of rules to base their co-existence on; these rules are supervised by the ruler of the continent.
6. If you don`t understand something, you can ask on the game chat, the alliance chat, your patron, and so on. The game manual will be available once the game is finished, as we don`t want to keep rewriting it.